A – 1 October 2010

I made an appointment with the Plastics dept at NUH today for a consult on A’s surgical scar. It’s straight down his chest, maybe two-thirds to his belly button. I’m only concerned about the scar because there’s a family history of celloids, other than that he’s a boy, so I’m sure the war wounds will add a little mystery to his character! But other than that I figured since he’s young, if there’s anything we could do we might as well do it.

His regular paed probably thinks I must be vain or shallow or both, because he was stumped when I asked him about scar management, and said he’d never prescribed anything before. Just keeping you on your toes, doc 😉

Anyhow, we came away with a silicone plaster (as in handiplast, not cast or home DIY materials), which is supposed to apply a little pressure to the wound to prevent further protrusion; or we also had the option to apply Dermatix silicone gel. The doctor did say that the wound should be able to heal better as he grows.

I also asked about his left ear, which sticks out a little because he was lying on it for maybe 2 days while in ICU. She advised I could tape it back since he’s still young and “mouldable” in a way. Tape? Who’s got time? Think I’ll just lie him on his side to sleep more.



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