A – 23 September 2010

Today he’s 4 months old, and weighs in at 7.2kg. I put him in a pair of size 3 to 6 months jeans and was dismayed that it looked a bit too tight. This was the first time he was wearing it! Anyhow, he also looks like such a big boy when he’s got proper clothes on, as opposed to home clothes, which consist mostly of a onesie.

We had a medical review today, and the doc asked if we’d be agreeable to be part of a documentary or to help other anxious parents, if ever necessary. I asked what the documentary might be about, the Amazing Growing Boy?? I mean, he wasn’t even past his birth weight at 1 month of age, meaning he grew over 4kg in just 3 months. Don’t ask me how either of us did it, it just happened!


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