family life

Keeping it together

And thus we end a long week, by sneaking out Sunday morning to catch a flight to Jakarta for a wedding.

This week, E only went to school on Tuesday. He had a strange fever on Sunday which yo-yo-ed between 38.8deg and moments of perspiration and by Monday it was completely gone but we figured we’d still keep him away. The Friday before he’d also missed school since the hubs and I were off to the pits (the F1 pits, that is), so we abandoned him at my ILs.

Wednesday was the K2’s annual performance rehearsal, so again no school, and Friday was Children’s Day. Thursday, ah, Thursday still haunts me for letting me win the most absent minded parent ever. School had given me a circular about the week’s activities and festivities, but somehow I missed the part which said that Thursday would be the Children’s Day party in the morning.

You can guess that he missed the party, and I only realized when it was too late, upon meeting some of the other kids’ caregivers on their way to puck them up. FML! How could I have not read the darn paper properly?? I really regret it because E is still getting used to school and a party would have been such a good opportunity for him to play more with his classmates.

I’ve also been feeling rather physically tired, naps are becoming less common while the night feeds are still ongoing (in fact I think baby A might be taking too much at night and nit enough during the day), and bringing both boys out by myself is tiring me out, with possibly close to 20kg worth (baby included) of stroller to push around and lift into the car.

And now, on our way to a short break, I realise how difficult it is to keep it all together sometimes when I’ve forgotten to bring my own noise-cancelling headphones, which in my business travel “heyday” was definitely part of the SOP.

But with some spa time scheduled for the next two days, I hope I’ll return recharged and with my mind in the right place!


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