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School’s out.. for the year.

Since E started school in mid September, I’m hard pressed to recall a week where he actually attended school for all 5 days of the week. There has been quite a number of days without school because of K2 graduation performance rehearsals (and the final performance actually happened yesterday), and Children’s Day. This week he only attended school on Tuesday, because on Monday he had a fever, and on Wednesday he started having the runs pretty bad.

Of course all the breaks inbetween the school days are not helping any when you want your kid to get used to going to school regularly. As it is, he only has about 2 weeks more of school now, which includes 2 public holidays (Deepavali and Hari Raya Haji) and our own holiday, which will be taking him 2 days out of school. Then there will be the actual school holidays which runs for a whole long 6 weeks! I’m not sure if this will make it easier or more difficult for me, because currently E is already adjusting very slowly to both school and not getting my full attention. I was previously contemplating switching him to a school near the ILs so that we could stay here with them for more support and more importantly, DISTRACTION! (Otherwise he is constantly looking to ME for attention), but I guess with the school holidays it makes things more flexible for me

Now I’m thinking hard about when we should hire a helper. I’m thinking mid to end January when E has had some time to settle back into school (we’re also away the first week of January for another holiday), and if I hire one in December, it will mean that we won’t be able to stay with the ILs anymore. Decisions decisions. Any thoughts?

On a side note, both E and baby A are probably having some kind of stomach flu, which my niece just had not long ago, and hers lasted 2 weeks! They both have some form of probiotics to take, E is on LactoGG and A is on Lacteol. It all started last Wednesday for E, when we were out at McD’s for brekkie with my nephew. I usually carry a change of clothes because E is no longer on diapers (except for nights), but because we’d left the house pretty abruptly, I didn’t have my usual gear. I had to clean him up as much as I can, and luckily we were at Marina Square where there was a Fox Baby, so I managed to get him another pair of pants! This is NOT the first time that Fox has saved us. But at least the previous time he was at least wearing diapers!!

Unfortunately the only thing we can do is to wait this whole thing out. I really can’t wait for it to be over because I’m getting quite sick of having to clear up all the s***. Literally. Lol.


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