5 months and counting

This week we had a review with the cardiologist, and baby A is a whopping 8.48kg and 68cm at 5.5 months of age. He’s somewhere in the 90s percentile, which is not surprising looking at him. How time flies and how much he’s grown! And not just in terms of fat, but every day now he surprises me with new things. He can now:

  • support himself to sit for a short while and depending on the position, well enough to impress the doctors (because fatties tend to be slower at these things sometimes). I suspect he’ll be able to do so in a month’s time, because he seems quite bored of lying down, probably after 5.5 months of reclining and more than a week stuck to the bed in ICU, he’s probably so over reclining.
  • stand while supported, and he seems to love doing so
  • reach out for things
  • straighten his arms while on his tummy (kinda like cobra pose), but he can only flip from back to front one way and not to his back again
  • “swim” – on his tummy, all hands and legs off the ground


For me, what is more exciting is that he is starting to be so interactive. He can now:

  • growl. I’m not sure when or why he does it, but it’s cute
  • smile a lot, and smile back when I smile at him
  • scratch and squeeze, including when he’s latching (trying to squeeze more out, izzit?)
  • touch and feel my face when i’m bottle feeding him
  • laugh when tickled
  • bite his lower lip
  • eat his toes (actually I taught him this by putting his toes to his mouth. You never know when you might need this life saving skill, ya?)
  • watch tv
  • do advanced calculus (just kidding).


We have another review next month to do an echo, but so far everything looks good!


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