family life


I’ve lived with my ILs and of course, the hubby, for almost 5 years now. Some people think that that’s quite a feat, but before we had any kids, it was easy since we were usually at work, or out for dinner, and hardly at home. It also helped that my own parents live less than 1km away, so if he was busy working on say a Saturday and I hadn’t any plans, I’d hide out at their place.

As always, when you have a baby, there will bound to be some differences in opinion on how you want them to be raised. Fortunately I had the opportunity to stay home for a good 8 months with E, so many things I had the chance to do by example.

Now that I’ve had the second one though, I am so so grateful that we have their help. With E adjusting to not being the only child, it’s such a saving grace that there are more caregivers that he is familiar with and they with his habits and personality, since he’s lived here most of his life. Many times when E throws one of his attention tantrums, I’m lucky that they’re around to take over baby A, and on some days I can even have a bit of me time, or time with E for his art class.

My ILs are also pretty experienced and fantastic at looking after babies and kids, even if I don’t always agree with their methods. Although our own place has been ready for some time now, the last few weeks we’ve been back with the ILs because we’ve been putting off getting a helper, a and I know with a helper it’ll take some time before we can leave the kids to her (if at all), or if she can help as well as the ILs can. There isn’t a helper here, so the 2 rooms that we have are always a big mess because I don’t always have the time or energy to clean up. Also imagine cramming 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids) into 2 rooms – there is hardly any space for anything!


I’m so reluctant to move out completely, but it’s inevitable. I’m now also thinking of getting a helper by mid Dec so that E has some time to get used to her before school starts again. He’s still been having problems adjusting to school, so hopefully that will give him some time to settle down before starting on school again, which is going to be another big change for him.


But for now, we’ll just enjoy being pampered at home 🙂


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