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My son is gay. Or not.

This article by another wordpressing mummy, entitled “My son is gay” was such an interesting read. Maybe because I have two boys, I often wonder what I’d do if one of my sons did turn out gay. Actually it started when someone asked if I’d let my son do ballet lessons, which I think I would, just so he could try it out. I’m not sure I’d be over the moon if he wanted to be a professional ballerina, but thankfully it looks like that’s a bridge I won’t have to cross because: 1. 1 is quite a boy, loving sports and playing rough, 2. 2 is probably going to be too chubby. LOL.

In all truth though, like in the article, I would want to support my sons in whatever they decide they want to do. It probably also helps that we have more than 1 son, so no one child will feel too much pressure.

Anyhow, back to the topic on gender, last week in E’s art class, I noticed that he tended to always choose “boy” colours, i.e. blues and greens, while one of the other girl was all over the purples and pinks. I asked the teacher who did agree with me that boys and girls tend to choose different colours. It was such an interesting observation – it seems so glaringly obvious but yet so subtle, that we subconsciously “impose” colours onto kids, conditioning them to favour something as simple as colours. Even I myself would be lost in the pink “area” of toy stores, but could probably navigate the other areas much better.

What colours do your children like?


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