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A’s first holiday

Yes, we did Phuket Club Med again! And with the MIL, her sister, BIL, SIL and my nephew. It sounds like a lot of people, but the nice thing about Club Med is that all meals are provided, so there’s no fighting or squabbling over splitting bills, and they have all the facilities for babies and kids. I was very tempted to throw the boys into Baby Club Med and Petit Club Med, which really looks like tons of fun, but the hubby felt that a holiday was for us to spend time together. I can see his point, but still felt that it wasn’t going to be a holiday for me since I’m with them almost 24/7 😀

The nice thing about having more people, is that there are also more babysitters. E was often entertained by the nephew, and the MIL and her sister, both seasoned grandmothers, were always on hand to help out with A, during nap times or meal times, or just whenever. This is actually our second time at Phuket Club Med, and somehow the time seemed to go faster. Maybe when you have 2 to look after you just can’t indulge and enjoy the moments as much as when you have 1, or none. The last time we were there was a year ago, when I was probably just just preggers.

I think both boys enjoyed themselves quite a bit, although A would probably enjoy it more if he could have had more solids. I’ve delayed his weaning a little (more on that some other time), and I think maybe 9 months and above kids can enjoy their food more. E loved the aeroplane rides, and on the flight back we had to get him to pee into a cup – with kids, when they say they gotta go, means they GOTTA GO. So it was either that or getting it all over his pants and seat. Not nice.

We’re both looking forward to some time for just the both of us in Korea in 2 weeks (wow! fast!) and another trip with the family to Bali in early January. Horray!!


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