Fly away

Today at my MIL’s suggestion, we headed out for a trip on the Singapore Flyer. I’d also just won myself a 1-for-1 at the Flyer from the McDonald’s Monopoly game, so we thought it an apt time to go. I know I don’t speak for myself when I saw we’ll probably never be back, because it’s really nothing spectacular. I think the only time I’ll be back is if it’s the F1.


The saving grace of the afternoon was lunch at Paradise Inn, the Pork Rib Watercress soup was lovely, as were the prawns in salted egg yolks. E polished off quite a bit of the soup as well as cod.


After lunch we spent some time at our “new” place, we haven’t all been there in the longest time, maybe 2 months. I quite miss it, but it’s just more practical that we’re at my ILs for the time being, so that I have some support and help with the boys. I can’t wait to move back, but at the same time I don’t want to leave the ILs either. Maybe a case of wanting your cake and eating it too 🙂


We rounded the day off by having some home cooked dinner (by my MIL, of course), and the hubby and E made some kaya. That’s right, kaya! He quite amaze me sometimes, and E is very lucky to have such a talented daddy who loves to cook with his son. Will try to take some shots of the kaya soon 🙂


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