Principle of Joy

I know that some people at petrified of driving. Even men. I really can’t understand it (especially the men!) because being able to drive is somewhat a life skill, just like swimming and riding a bicycle. But more than that, it’s also freedom and, joy.

I’m extremely lucky that we can afford our own car, and that on some days I’m able to drive myself around. I find it so much more efficient to drive myself rather than to use public transport, although it would be great if they had drive-thru everything (libraries, more eateries rather than just McD’s and Five Star Chicken rice..) because with 2 kids strapped into the car, it’s tiring to have to get everyone in and out of the car for a short errand. On the rare occasion though, when I find myself without any dependents, I often feel so carefree and alive, to be able to drive myself around. If I didn’t drive, I’d imagine the boys wouldn’t get to go out much – I can’t imagine myself having to grapple with looking after the kids and trying to navigate public transport, it’d just be all too tiring! As it is some days I feel like I’m carrying the house on my shoulders when we go out.

Last weekend, I was really lucky to have had myself me own E200 Mercedes Benz, courtesy of Cycle & Carriage whose sole purpose was to entice us to buy something from them. They are not paying me to advertise, because I have all of 5 readers on a good day (and probably one of them just clicked on the blog by accident), but I had so much fun with the car. Firstly it was just nice to have my own car and not to have to drop the hubbs at work. They also gave us a full tank of fuel, and I tried my best to make the most of it, but as the car is rather fuel efficient, I only managed half a tank for 5 days. Darn!

The car itself is a pretty good drive. It’s only a 1.8litre car, but they “supercharge” it so it goes much faster. I say “supercharge” because it’s something like that but not really. Whatever it is (I’m not really that interested to know), it can still drive much better than say a 520i, without sounding like I’m killing it. Both the hubbs and I were reasonably impressed, especially since we’re coming from 3litres and twin turbos (vroom vroom!). What I loved the most were all the little luxuries. Assisted parallel parking, keyless entry (god, how have I lived without this all this while?!), automatic boot lifter and closer (this is SO SO handy we wanted to have it installed in ours, but no one seems to make it), Bluetooth phone connectivity with an inbuilt telephone keypad, which is very handy because we now have BT without the keypad, which is more difficult to work with when driving. It even has this thing where you can activate the brake while in Drive, say when you’re at a traffic light or something, without having to switch the car into Park or Neutral. Very handy for city driving! The only thing that cannot make it is the parking sensors. Little dots to indicate how far everything is from you seriously isn’t impressive if you’ve ever been in a BMW 5-series (even their older models!). Designers at Merc, are you listening?

So today I hemmed and hawed, but in the end I brought the beauty back to them. I probably won’t be buying one anytime soon – practicality-wise, I would love a 7-seater! But boy did I enjoy the last 5 days with it anyway 🙂 And as I’m writing this, I can still smell the “new car smell”. Mmmm.


The lurvely car.


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