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Christmas is coming!

Today I brought E along with me to Vivocity for a bit of shopping. I needed to get some Xmas presents, and look around for a pair of shoes that I can wear to Korea when we go on a ski trip there next week. I managed to get quite a few items from the Alex store – they have sooo much wonderful stuff! I first knew of the brand when my sis and mum bought E a bear that you can draw on – it’s quite a creative gift and he loves it. You can see some of their stuff on a local website here. The shop is at #02-84, facing Burger King. They also sell lots of Vtech stuff, and almost everything is on 15% now. The prices in store are the same as the prices on the webby link given.

What they didn’t have was the Alex Jr Click Camera that I’d like to get for A on behalf of my mum. I’m also going to get gifts for myself and the hubbs, and for the boys from my sister. I love shopping for stuff that I want and other people pay for! hur hur.

I didn’t manage to get anything for the boys today because I was a little undecided, so maybe I’ll go back for them. I did get presents for all the kids from the hubby’s work though.

I also bought a pair of Timberland shoes for E because they looked so cute and they were on 30% discount plus another 15% or so. Ended up to be $40+ which is fairly decent for Timberland. They seem a bit small after him wearing it for a while, because I can see some marks on his feet, but I hope the shoe will expand and he can start wearing something other than Crocs. He’s been wanting to go on and off the escalators himself, which I of course absolutely refuse to let him do if he’s wearing his Crocs. And we have other shoes at home but he just doesn’t seem to like them. Maybe this evening I’ll take them out and try and get him to wear them again.


I have never brought E to play at the water fountains, and he almost wanted to go a-splashing when some elder boys were there. Think I’ll have to let him do that one of these days. Would be nice if I had a helper who could just watch him while he played and I shopped :p

The shopping continues! I love Christmas!

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