Trust no one.

Lonely Chair, originally uploaded by remymarlin.

This has been an interesting week. I’ve learnt:


  • Not to procrastinate. Last night after putting E to sleep, I also fell asleep and got woken up shortly after by baby A. Then I went downstairs to have a tete-a-tete with the hubs, and when I got back the bed was soaked. And I’d just changed the sheets that day!! So, don’t procrastinate or forget DIAPERS.
  • That I’m more predisposed to swearing when I’m sleep deprived. I abso-f*g-lutely can’t remember the last time I slept more than 4 hours at a go. Seriously. FML.
  • Best friends are the, erm, best. And in my case, I would have to say it definitely has to be the hubbs. No one else could possibly love me as much as he despite all my failings.
  • Don’t get involved. You have better things to do, and you have a lot of shit going on anyway. (That’s normal when there’s a baby around, isn’t it?) And for some people, like myself, not getting involved is not really wanting to talk about it. But for others, they’d like a blow by blow account of what they know. It probably also depends on the situation and how drama the entire thing is.
  • Having kids really puts things into perspective. Or rather, you change your whole perspective. Sometimes it just seems like the things other people fill their lives with are so mundane. Or maybe that’s just me because there’s only so much joy I can get from material goods. I’m definitely not saying that having kids is what everyone should do and that being a parent is the best thing in the whole entire world or some other cliches like that because some days I totally envy the lives of people who don’t have kids. Especially at 4am when Mr. Teh-Kah (pig’s trotters) decides he’d rather talk to me than go back to bed.
  • I love shopping. I mean, there is *some* joy out of material goods, particularly when it’s for Christmas.
  • I miss shooting, and looking at photos. I’m by no means anywhere near an excellent photographer, but I think I’d like to be a photographer’s stylist!
  • I love blogs. It’s so great that so many mums out there blog, and you can learn and share so many things. If you’re a mum, here’s a high-5 to you.
  • Trust no one. As friendly as you can be with someone, no one can be trusted except your best friend, and it’s probably good if that someone is your spouse because they can’t really run away from you, since they wouldn’t even be able to find their socks without you. And they can be brutally honest otherwise they risk bottling it up and blowing up into smithereens one day.


And the takeaway of the week really was, Trust no one. You were right, Mulder. Why wasn’t I listening? 🙂


Oh and another thing I learnt, you can’t add spaces between bullet points in WP. Or maybe you can, I’m just giving up now.


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