family life


I feel like I’ve accomplished so much today. E and I dropped the hubbs off at work, and since it was still a little early, we had some time to kill before his art class in the late morning. I decided to head down to Taka because I’d reserved “Feed Your Child Right”, a local book on weaning. I’ve borrowed this from the library at least 2 times already, and now since I have 2 kids, I figured I might as well buy it. It’s a pretty good book because more importantly it’s LOCAL! They talk about feeding ikan bilis powder and making your own fishballs, which I feel much more at home at than contemplating feeding my bubs quinoa. Anyhow, Taka was also having a cardmembers special, but none of their toys were particularly interesting, especially after I’d discovered the Alex Toys store. I’m all for toys which are educational and creative, rather than just entertaining! I did, however, end up buying $6.90 Disney Cars kites, which I’m sure the boys will love. I’d bought one from Borders the other day for like $25 (before 10% Borders member discount), but I’m so returning that now. After all, the boys are for sure going to destroy them in no time.


E seemed particularly whiney today. He whined about going to art class, he whined about going to shopping (but while there he was quite a good sport). A couple of times I actually told him, OK if you’re not interested to come with Mummy you can just stay here, and walked briskly off without him. Of course it gets him all the time. He also whined about going to art class, which he does every week, but later in the afternoon surprised me by saying he wanted to go (oh, make up your bloody mind already). At any rate it was our last class so he HAD to go! I then packed lunch from Dao Paolo Gastronomia, which isn’t the greatest, but the other options at Cluny Court are Relish (too long drawn since it’s a proper restaurant), Simply Bread, which I feel is really far too simple for their prices, and a few dessert places like Awfully Chocolate, Choc SIN or something, and Cold Stone or something. And I wasn’t really in the mood for drive through MacD’s or Five Star Chicken Rice.


Not long after we got home, we headed out again with my nephew to NTUC Finest, since I was running low on diapers, and had to make sure that there’d be enough supplies while we were away. I also bought lots of milk powder and other sundries for the MIL. And surprisingly, I saw the book “Diet Therapy for Infants” by Oyoung Yin, which a friend had recommended before, so I bought it for all of $12.90. It talks about all the local (or asian) ingredients that are beneficial to infants and children. These days I’m so attracted to all these bilingual books because they are really informative, right down to how to prepare some ingredients to cook.


We got home just in time for it to start thunderstorming, and we spent the rest of the day at home, although I can’t imagine why the time passes so fast! Not sure if tomorrow is going to be another packed morning of shopping – I’m going to have to see how early I wake up to get all the gear together! Which means everything but the kitchen sink. Sheesh.


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