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I survived Christmas Shopping

Today’s Christmas shopping is only significant because I towed the 2 along, by myself. I didn’t really have a choice, the hubbs works on Saturdays, MIL said she was going to be busy cooking her Teh Kah Chor, and I wasn’t really looking forward to staying home the whole day because I think the MIL has been slightly edgy recently. So after dropping the hubbs off at work at 920am, we headed towards Vivocity, where we were too early for anything. We did some slow walking until Daiso opened, followed by Aldo, Nike, Alex Toys and ending with a lunch at Bakerzin. That doesn’t even include all the other stores we went into to have a look-see (ok I meant I had a look-see), and although I had to threaten to leave E behind a couple of times, overall he was pretty good, feeding himself at lunch while I carried baby A and fed myself, then falling asleep in the car on the way home and napping for a grand 3.5 hours.


So it looks like we’ve got almost all the Christmas shopping that needs to be done, both boys are getting items from Alex Toys, either the Alex brand or Vtech (Alex Toys are 15% off and Vtech 20%!) from us and their mama and yiyi. Overall I also got a grand total of 4 free gifts from Alex Toys which I can give away as presents too, woohoo! I bought so much I wish I had brought one of those large blue Ikea bags so that I could’ve carried it easier. AND this is the second time I was there.


One of the life savers of the day was the boys’ urinals in the ladies toilets at Vivo. It was so so convenient because E could do everything by himself – he was wearing his LFC jersey shorts, so they’re easy to pull down and up and the urinal is just the right height. This also meant that I didn’t need to leave baby A alone in his stroller while trying to grapple with not getting pee all over the place.


I was much much less impressed with Bakerzin though. They were maybe only 1/4 filled, but I had to ask for water for us a grand total of 4 times. FAIL. I think we had a much better time at Sushi Tei there on Thursday, where it’s so much more cozy and they have the nicest Safety 1st booster seats. Plus, E totally enjoyed the chawamushi and the chicken katsu don. LIKE.


Next week’s agenda: Borders to return the $25 kite in favour of the Disney Cars $6.90 ones (before 10% discount!) and Forum to return the Vtech Nursery Rhymes Caterpillar, which I thought would have more songs but really seems to be a lot of reading the nursery rhymes. I typically don’t think that shopping is a particularly good interesting or character-building activity for kids, and on normal days I really hardly shop as much. But I really can’t say I’m not enjoying all the retail therapy! I can’t wait for Christmas!!


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