family life

I love eating.

Today, E and I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We were enroute from Toys R Us to Borders, and at both places I was returning and buying things. Later we also went to Zara and Uniqlo for some winter stuff for myself and the hubbs.


At lunch he was pretty good. Apart from wanting to jump up and down a bit – which to be fair from his POV booth seats probably seem to be made for jumping up and down – he managed to finish up his lunch all by himself, save for the first few mouthfuls which I helped him with because it was pretty piping hot. Of course it’s only with some food items that he can do it all by himself, things like noodles are pretty difficult unless they’re cut up for him, but I think it’s also his love for pasta that makes it easier.



While he can be pretty easy to bring out, he can also be very trying, and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when we move out. Many times, I’m so thankful he has my ILs around to entertain and watch over him while I get a little breather, or attend to baby A. I can’t imagine the times when I’m in the process of putting A to sleep and E comes up with a tantrum wanting me – what could I have done if I didn’t have MIL to take over A?


The hubbs has been showering a LOT of attention on him, and he seems to be doing better these days. He’s less sticky to me, and in fact was teary-eyed when we had to drop daddy off at work! I just hope he keeps on improving, although it’s coming along very very slowly. He still cries a LOT, especially in the middle of the night, sometimes for no apparent reason. I’ve heard they sometimes take up to a year to acclimatise, and can’t believe that we’re only on month 6. Another 6 months of this?? Holy cow.


He is growing so fast and learning so much that sometimes I’m simple amazed at him. Flabbergasted. And then there are other moments, where I just don’t understand how stubborn he is! I know stubborn can be a good thing (determination and sticking to a task), but often these days I have no patience for non-compliance. Hubbs thinks I beat him far too often, but I feel sometimes that threats and words can go ignored easily, and (unfortunately) these days I will ask the boys, “Do you want me to beat you so you will remember?”. Sigh.


I’d like to ask when everything will settle down, but I guess life never really does, and I just try to remind myself, that God only gives us what we can handle. He didn’t specify how many helpers we might need to get through it, but I guess that’s where our test is.



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