A’s 6.5 month review

This week we had a 6 month review with the cardiologist (ok actually he was 6.5 months). Baby A is now a whopping 9.13kg and 70.5cm. Seriously, my niece who’s 13 months and around 10kg feels lighter!

Apart from that, and still being plagued by his eczema (which he got hydrocortisone for), he’s doing well. He had an echo done, and I was lucky with the timing because when we started the echo I fed him some milk then afterward I carried him and he fell asleep. Otherwise I think there’s no way he could have sat (or rather lay) still for the echo, which took almost 15, 20 minutes.

While waiting for the echo, my friend who works there and who’s been there for us from the minute A was admitted, came to chat with me for a while. We “reminisced” about those A was in ICU, and he mentioned that had we not gone to them, and if he had continued to be treated for PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of Newborn), which was what they suspected he had before it was confirmed to be TAPVC, Baby A would have not made it through the night.

Not made it through the night. That’s pretty mind blowing considering how well he’s doing now and how well he’s recovered. My mum calls him a miracle baby. I just think we’re so extremely blessed with him and how things have turned out, and he’s testimony of God’s work and His grace.

We’re so lucky to have him, to have both the boys – they’re really such wonderful gifts from God. And I hope both will have many more happy birthdays to come.

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