Kicking in Korea

The hubs and I have been looking forward to this trip for a while. although we hate to leave the boys behind, bringing them to a winter place is just too much trouble, and I’ve been getting so little sleep in the recent weeks that it’s been starting to take a toll. In fact the night before we came I didn’t get any sleep until 3am because the boys kept taking turns to wake, and eventually MIL had to take one while I took tue other, because E can get so extremely clingy sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night. I think I was nearing a physical breakdown from the lack of sleep.

Today by the time we got into Seoul was dinner time. Our hosts brought us to a really lovely restaurant, Chaegundaam, which serves traditional temple food, some of which is organic, but mostly very light and surprisingly tasty. It wasn’t at all like sore throat galore BBQ (although I’d love some of that!), and overall highly recommended. I dare say it was the best Korean food I’ve ever had!


We also have a small group of people who so far have been interesting conversation. Both other couples also have 2 boys each, a pair of 26year old twins, and a pair of early teens, so I feel like there’s much we could learn from the seasoned parents.

Sights wise, we did some touristy stuff the first day which I’d actually already done the first time we came, but we had the most kick ass soft toufu soup for lunch in Myongdong. That was probably the highlight of the day!

The next day we took it slow and easy and went crazy at Toys R Us in Lotte World. The prices are similar for imported stuff, but they have a wider range of products, and lots of local stuff like Pororo. There, we saw a lot of Stokke Xplorys. A LOT. Countless. We were amazed.

We also went skiing, which went a lot better than I expected, although after half a day I was beat because I’d caught a chill. I’ve been so unfit because I haven’t had time to do any exercise at all. There’s really so much to do in Seoul and Korea, I definitely can’t wait to go back again! 🙂

We bought so much we were overweight. Luckily we were travelling with a few others so we didn’t have to pay the surplus. Having to bring and lug back winter clothes definitely does not help!

This was breakfast. Seriously, I think I prefer some simple toast and eggs.


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