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Eating out – Kuru kuru Japanese Restaurant

We came to Valley Point today to collect something, and I needed a place to grab some grub, so we came here to Kuru Kuru. I didn’t even know the name of the place when I first came in, and only paid attention to it when I wanted to 4sq it!


I don’t think we’ve done any Jap ala carte buffets with E, so I hadn’t ever thought about it as an option. But today I discovered that at this place only kids above 110cm get charged, which I thought was the best thing ever because E can eat quite a bit, and buffets are always good because if they don’t like something, you don’t feel so heart pain that they haven’t eaten it, and can just order something else. Ala carte buffets tend to be even better because they already serve in smaller portions, and you don’t feel so bad for not finishing it up.


In the end, he ate some mentaiko spaghetti (which was really lovely – it was grilled so all the eggs were actually cooked, and had a nice grilled creamy/cheesy taste), baked macaroni (it was like 4 pennes. literally FOUR pieces), garlic rice, omelette rice, a little bit of salmon terriyaki, 2 chawamushis, potato salad. I think that was it, I can’t quite remember!


What I didn’t like, though, was anything with prawns in it. The prawns tasted like they were old and frozen. Not good. The rest were surprisingly decent, although the food took pretty long to come, even though they were at about 80-90% capacity. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they were packed to the rafters. So since the food was taking so long, the boys got a little restless after a while, and started stealing chopsticks from the other tables and playing with them. They weren’t doing anyone (or themselves) any harm, so I let them. After all, there’s only so much that I can entertain them if the service is going to be taking so long!


Overall a pretty good experience, I would probably be back again if I’m in the vicinity.


Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant

#01-07 Valley Point


Omelette rice

Chawamushi and garlic rice

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