family life

Seven months and counting!

Baby A aka Terh Kah Choy (pig’s trotters) turned 7 months last week, and it feels like he’s been making milestones in developments. He can stand on his own (of course supporting himself with his hands), albeit a bit wobbly, and is so much more vocal it’s like he’s just discovered it or something. He’s a-round about 9.5kg – pun intended. I don’t call him Terh Kah for nuttin’! He’s still struggling with his eczema, more about that in another post. He’s also finally learnt to flip onto tummy and then back again, rolling his rolls of fat round and round. Previously he could only flip himself onto his tummy, and on one side. He’s pretty dexterous, grabbing balls and clanging them together, reaching and pulling for things which invariably go towards his mouth.


In terms of weaning he was weaned rather late, in part because I’ve been busy running errands and being chauffeur and looking after E that I haven’t been as diligent as I should have with setting meal times, and then when I did feed him, he was always not interested and I practically had to stuff his face, because as the days slowly went by I got more and more worried about his nutritional intake. Thankfully (touch wood), these last few days I seem to have figured out what he does like, which seems to be anything watery. This morning he finished up an entire bowl of papaya and cereal quite diluted, and I even topped it up with more cereal and just water and he was feeding as if he hadn’t had anything to eat in a day. Hopefully this keeps up and I can progress to more real solids soon.


He always has a ready smile for everyone, and I’m quite sure (or I hope) he’s going to be as good-natured as E is. My FIL in particular, loves playing with him because he loves to giggle while playing.


As for me, I’m sometimes barely surviving the days. Terh Kah is still waking up at night for feeds – he usually has a feed at around 12 or 1am, after the last feed at 8+ or even 10+. But on some nights he also wakes at around 4+, and then at 7+ for the day, and this doesn’t even take into account E’s night wakings if he does. Some days I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind because I’m so forgetful, but I think it’s pretty understandable why it’s so! I think I’d really like to add another bubs to the mix because I’m loving having a big family, but I’m not sure I can survive more torture. I guess for now, one thing at a time.




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