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Can you tell me how to get.. to Sesame Street

I forgot all about this from mid Dec.


I knew Sesame Street was coming so
I specially made a trip to Bukit Panjang Plaza so that E could see
them. He knows them pretty well although he’s not as enthused about
them as he is about say Disney’s Cars. BPP is quite convenient to
get to from the ILs place during the day (no traffic), plus they
have an NTUC, Daiso, and library. And it’s the closest library that
has underground parking in case it rains! Love it. So we made a
trip there and had an unbelievable lunch at Swensen’s, which was
having a buy main course get a whole sundae free. Unbelievable. I’m
tempted to go back again just for the promo, because E and I
enjoyed the chocolate sundae immensely! I can’t say the same for
their salad though. Anyhow, the service at this tiny Swensen’s was
so darn slow that we actually missed the show. All 10 minutes of
it. I was quite disappointed but we still managed to get a photo
with them, so all was not lost. This was our first time for such an
event, and hopefully I can bring him for more!

photo turned out pretty amazing, I think cos of their really strong
bright lights! And lovely background.

Even baby A loves Elmo so much he could eat him. Lol


One thought on “Can you tell me how to get.. to Sesame Street

  1. nowi don’t feel so ‘lonely’ liao..hahaha…wouldn’t it be such a dream come true if it was OUR childhood? We could dream in a million years and never have such an opportunity!


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