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Happy Birthday to youuuu

Apart from E’s full month celebration, we did very low key home parties for his 1st and 2nd birthdays with immediate family members only. We figured that he’d probably not really understand and enjoy it as much as if he was older, and I’m glad we waited. I think he’s finally ready now, or at least he’s ready for the birthday cake. We’ve started prepping him by telling him that it will be his birthday soon (although he would like for his birthday to be NOW), and in the meantime I’m scouting around and thinking of ideas of what to do. I think we’ll start off low key, and I was hoping to be able to do it at McD’s, but they’re all fully booked until the end of February at Ridout Garden. Darn! On to Plan B! I just have to figure out what Plan B is.


For baby A, we only did a very small celebration at home for his full month, partially because he was hardly out of the hospital for 2 weeks  before it was his full month, and I just didn’t have the energy to plan anything. I can’t imagine how small he was then! In the photo I’m actually propping his head up. He looks so tiny and so different from how he is now.


I’m also planning ahead for his 1st year party, and although he’ll be too young to understand what’s going on, it will be a major milestone for him, and a reason for us to celebrate. Whenever I hear of babies who are ill or not doing well, I really count my blessings with him, and we’re constantly amazed at his progress. So it’s a good excuse to celebrate!


Let’s hope that we get together something soon!


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