Hair today, gone tomorrow.

EC House (or did I get the name wrong?) at Harbourfront is next to Hwa Xia, and both have hair cut services for kids, so I’ve asked E on at least 2 occasions whether he wanted to cut his hair there. This week, when we walked past, I asked him again whether he wanted to cut his hair, and he surprised me by agreeing to it. Then he really really surprised me by not crying AT ALL and hardly fidgeting. In fact I think he was overly nervous and tense, and you can see it in his body language in the photo below. I’d actually figured that, hey, if it was only $10, and he was only able to cut half his head, it would still be pretty worth it.

I am so proud of him, and I encouraged him to announce to everyone his haircut, to which he got lots of praises. Hope he’ll go for more haircuts again!

Here he is trying not to be too squirmish.


Updates: We’ve ended up going to EC House a few times and I’ve always had a good experience (or at least no traumatising tantrums!) and always liked their cuts for the boys. And the staff are very quick and really seem to like kids. I just wish they were able to play some cartoons or anything for kids on that little tv screen of theirs. We’ve also tried the Hwa Xia at Harbourfront once, but it’s more expensive than EC House and the lady wasn’t all that friendly. I can’t remember if Mittens has had his hair cut at the Clementi Mall EC House, but I know we did try to entice Abacus to cut his hair there and the staff were all really friendly and wanted to give him a balloon.

Tips for bringing children for their haircuts:

  • They often don’t like it. But they will outgrow that phase.
  • Go when your child is in a good mood. Give lots of advance notice, and praise and/or bribery. You might not agree with bribery, but once they get used to it, they will no longer expect the bribery.
  • Go during off peak hours when the stores are less busy so they have more time to pay attention to your child and fawn over him.

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