Let’s get physical

This week, at 7.5 months, A surprised us by pulling himself up to stand in his cot. He’s been able to stand with support with furniture etc, albeit rather wobbly. Then all of a sudden he started reaching for the sides of the cot and then wanting to stand up, and now he can do it! Which means we have the unenviable task of lowering all the cots, which also means that it’s probably going to be more difficult putting him in it since I’ll have to bend lower while still carrying all that weight. Ah well.


It came as a bit of a surprise to me because sometimes chubby babies take a little longer physically, as they have to muster up more strength to move the rolls of fat around. For E, who was always below the average weight, once he sat up at around 5 months, he developed pretty quickly, and was crawling up stairs by the time he was 8 months, took his first steps at 11 months, and walking around the house on his 1st birthday. I always attributed it to him being on the lean side, but he’s also shown that he has very adept motor skills in terms of balancing, ball sense, deftness, and confidence. He impressed us with a tennis ball and racket before he turned 2, and he can now dribble a soccer ball pretty well. He’s become so confident that we’ve actually had to stop him from trying to swim without floats because he was insisting that he didn’t need them!


When it comes to playgrounds and such, I usually let E have some space and help only when he needs it, so I was a little surprised when earlier this week when I was attending nursery with him, to find that the teachers were always trying to hold their hands during physical activity time. I hardly think that the boy who can slide down the fireman pole at the playground by himself, needs help to maneuver a half-metre high obstacle 😀


When things settle down with the helper and E’s school, I’ll probably look around for tennis or gym or soccer classes for him to go to. If anyone has any suggestions that are NOT in Turf City, do let me know! In the meantime, I might just sign him up for a drop off Art class at Gymboree which coincides with a Play & Learn class for A. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!


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