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Help! I need somebody!

As some of you might know, we have been looking around for a helper for some time already. We’ve been a bit reluctant to do so because our place is pretty small, and there would be major invasion of privacy. Not to mention all the other problems and headaches that come with hiring a helper!


We’ve tried managing both boys ourselves, mostly with me watching the boys and doing some housework, and the hubbs cooking, but we just end up spending so much time on housework, and not really focussing on them as much as we would like. Plus the house is a sty with all the toys strewn about. So we figured that it’s probably “worth” it to get a helper, especially since I’m helping him with his business part time, and will need to wrangle some time away from the boys every now and then.


We’d actually started looking last year around September, then decided to camp out at the ILs for a while since there were school holidays at the year end. Then mid December I started to look around again, contacting a few agencies (all through recommendations, I’m not really keen on just walking into any old agency), and decided on one. Then apparently her passport had problems and I had to pick another. We suspected that maybe the agent shipped her off to another employer, but who’s to say 🙂 Then I was given the option of a transfer maid by one agent, but before I could go down to the agency she’d been snapped up. But I didn’t fret too much, because I know a lot of this is based on luck, so I just hoped that it wasn’t meant to be, and a better one will come along.


So on Friday we submitted all our paperwork, and Monday I was notified that it was rejected by MOM because the address on my IC hasn’t been changed to our new place yet. Come on, MOM, any person can put any bloody address on the IC! So now since we’re away on holiday, it looks like I have to wait yet another week. Sigh. I am so looking forward to having someone around, and have all these grand plans to bring both boys for some activities, like maybe Gymboree (Art for E, Play& Learn for A) for both, Alpha Gym or tennis lessons for E, etc., and definitely would need help with that.


More (good, I hope), updates soon.


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