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Birthday update

I’m coming close to narrowing down all the details for E’s birthday party, which is likely to be in exactly a month’s time. I don’t want to give anything away because I feel quite chuffed with myself, but there’s still a month and anything could happen in a month, so I don’t want to jinx it.

I did consider the usual children’s gyms, but I have an unnatural fear of “finger food”, which often turns out to be pretty nonsense. And often I find that children’s “menus” just end up being junk food like nuggets and fries, which is not really something I want to serve.

Here are a few options I considered:


At $9 per child, this must be the most affordable place for birthday parties. Unfortunately I called them up too late and they were all booked for the day I wanted. KIV, definitely – cheap and good! Ok they have nuggets and fries, but it’s still most value for money.

Marriott hotel

They actually have “packages” for kids birthday parties, ranging from $55+++ to $65+++ per adult. Strangely, the more expensive it is, the more unhealthily sweet desserts there were. More on my disdain for unnatural sugars and colouring another time. If you’re interested in the proposal document, drop me an email.

Singapore Swimming Club

They charge approximately $38 (with a few plusses, i’m sure) per adult for a lunch buffet. Not a bad deal, and I was considering it because the location is pretty central. You’d need to be a member or need a member to make the booking though. I think I’m going to file this in my KIV folder for future.


For $370 you can invite 10 kids and they can have something like 2 hours of play, snacks, other stuff. I quite liked this idea, and think this would have been my second choice! You can get more details in store.

La Villa

My niece had her 1 year celebration here, the place is lovely, they have the old retro sling/slide set (we had one in our house when I was young), and a bouncy castle! And the food is good. None of that “finger food” nonsense. Approx $45+++ per adult, including soft drinks. Also they can cordon off an area for you, which includes a sofa area, great for the kids to play in.

Red Dot Brewhouse

I attended a full month party here before, and it was lovely. It was a Sunday afternoon and actually not very crowded. They do have a large space so you can have an area all to yourself. Nice!

La Fondue

I received a flyer about having parties there – haven’t actually gone to check it out, because I’ve never even been to the place, but it said $15 per kid, and “finger food”. Shudder.

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