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Club Med Bali

This holiday has been the last of our planned Club Med holidays. For now. We’ve been to Bali, Phuket and Kani (Maldives) twice, and Bintan once. It’s only because almost every NATAS fair Club Med has a 1-for-1 (adult) offer, which for Bali and Phuket makes the price (without airfare) around $800 per pax for minimum 4 nights. That’s still like $200 per pax per night, and by no means cheap, but pretty reasonable if you consider that all meals are included – which makes it easy for extended family holidays, then you don’t have to figure out who’s going to have to pay for what!

This was E’s 2nd time here and A’s first time. A is still at the age where he can’t really enjoy much, but their baby facilities and food was easy for me to let him try a range of foods without having to order or bother myself to make anything! Although I have to say from a baby facilities point of view, Phuket is definitely better than Bali. Also we felt that the food in Phuket is slightly better. And although it’s buffet for every meal, I end up usually not eating all that much because I’m also feeding or looking after the boys, and usually after every meal is a nap or night time, so we don’t have the luxury of sitting around!

I think only when they’re 1 year+ do they really enjoy it more – on our last few trips with E to Bali and Phuket, I liked that we could borrow sports equipment to let him try out Tennis and Golf, because it’s so convenient, and we don’t have to specially go to a tennis court or golf course to let him play for all of half an hour (at the most!). For example, he said he wanted to play Golf, but all he really did was play with the balls and the numbering sticks for the holes. He can also observe Archery, the Trapeeze, and various other activities going on. If only he’d be more willing to take part in the Petit Club Med, it’d be the go to resort company for sure!

The Club Med Bali estate is really lovely, with a lovely lawn area just before the beach. It isn’t the Maldives, but it’s not bad either. The only thing is if you’re into shopping, the nearest shops are almost a 5km or 15minute walk out, which is NOT manageable with kids in tow. At the Phuket resort you can walk across the road to a convenience store, a few massage outlets, dodgy restaurants, and sleazy bars. Only the convenience store is worth it, really.

Our daily routine was basically:

  • Wake, change, feed, etc.
  • Breakfast
  • Activity (Beach/Golf/TV) – A’s nap time
  • Activity (Swimming) – A joins if he’s not still napping
  • Lunch
  • Shower
  • Afternoon nap for both, although E will nap 2-3 hours and A usually shorter during this period. Both boys are usually knocked out.
  • Activity (Beach/Playground/walks)
  • Dinner
  • ZZZZzzzzzz

All the nap time was great – I’ve never caught up with reading blogs and emails and writing in such a long time! Hope that the boys will go down as easily when we’re back home and sleep for as long 🙂

On one of the days they were napping I actually managed to squeeze in a visit to the spa. The spa’s decor is really lovely, traditional with a very modern twist, but the massage is pretty ordinary. Maybe because I’m used to intense massages that leave you battered? 🙂

Some of our previous trip’s photos are on Flickr here. This time, with 2 kids in tow, I didn’t even bother with the DSLR.

To be honest, I’m a little bored of the Club Meds already. And there are quite a number of resorts these days which have caught on with all the kids activities, so I’m hoping to try something else. If you have a good resort with some kids activities to recommend, please let me know!

Me with Chubby. He doesn't look it, but he really really likes swimming. He doesn't mind the water on his face and was using his hands to beat the water. What a good boy!


The 3 boys hanging out at the pool

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