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Go go-karting!

Mid December, the hubbs arranged a boys day out go-karting for himself. He also had the brilliant idea of bringing Mitten for a round on the go-kart on the 2 seater before the actual boys’ round. Mitten really enjoyed it! He was really adorable.

All ready to go!
waving to mummy









Less than 2 hours later both boys were napping so I had a chance to download and post up the photos on FB, and no less than 2 other mummies called up their husbands to ask why they hadn’t  brought their own sons! Hubby got in “trouble” for that, LOL!


If you’d like go to, some suggestions:

  • We got there at around 11am, and the track was completely empty, but by noon it was swarming (and on a Tuesday? Although, it *was* December). So they had the entire track to themselves, which was nice!
  • After that Mitten and I had lunch at Burger King, overlooking the track, but there’s also a food court and a Tung Lok there. Actually there’s even a Pat’s Schoolhouse there, of all places.
  • Details on the venue can be found at Kartright Speedway

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