Nursery orientation

E is now attending nursery in the PCF in our estate. It’s 2 blocks away from ours, and is a measly 2hour session. I definitely wouldn’t mind if it was longer because between sending him there and picking him up, I effectively only get 1.5hours at the most without him.

He’s been attending Nursery since mid September 2010, but up to his last day he was still shedding tears and dreading school. I guess he could have benefited from a proper orientation like this year’s.

He will now attend the 1-3pm session in school because there are no morning sessions (otherwise 10-12 would be perfect), and there are 10 kids in his class, with 2-3 teachers. He’s been extremely vocal, in part because he seems to speak better than most of the other kids in his class (but then again, he’s a February baby and some of the others might be younger), and familiarity with the environment. He even surprised me by being very agreeable to wearing his uniform. He’s always in the front with the teacher, trying to catch her attention, and is shy. When the teacher asked who wanted to go to the gym room, he was all “Me! Me!” without any prompting or eyeballing his friends to see what they were doing.

The orientation means slightly less structure in their activities, shorter time at school – 1 hour instead of 2, and parents can accompany them for the whole week. There were a few kids who weren’t accompanied from the start, and all but 1 boy (whose helper dropped him off) were tear-free. There was another girl who cried a fair bit on one of the days but probably because her mother dropped her off then waited outside the window, in full view of the girl. Any seasoned parent (like me) would know that’s a no-no for nervous kids!

Of course I stayed the entire week. Knowing E there was no way he’d let me go willingly, and because I knew we were going to be on vacay the week after and disrupt the entire orientation, I thought I’d better stick around. It was pretty fun to see the kids in action, and it also allowed me a chance to shoot a little more than the usual. As in the usual NOT shooting anything!! The classroom is pretty small, so it wasn’t easy to get good angles without getting in their way, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Here are a few photos from the week, and I hope he settles in quickly when we return! More on Flickr.


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