My son the photographer

We bought an Olympus Tough Series digital camera sometime back, and it’s been such a great investment, especially when you have kids. It’s waterproof (up to like 10m) and shockproof, so we really don’t even bat an eye when it’s dropped on the floor. At that time, this was the only one of the market, but it’s great that other brands like Canon (my preferred brand, really!) have come out with similar products.


Sidenote: Recently we thought the camera was busted, but actually it just got a bit of condensation in it, and cleared up in a few days. We were actually a bit disappointed it wasn’t busted because we were looking forward to getting a newer one! Not that we really need it, but the proprietary cable and memory card for Olympus is just a real pain, especially if you have no less than 5 (maybe 8!) USB cables at home that you just can’t make use of. And an SD card slot in your iMac or a multi card reader, none of which you can use because you need their proprietary card reader. Perhaps they thought they’re a Sony, but they’re not, and even Sony are being pushed towards standards these days. I won’t buy a Sony if I have to use anything but an SD card, thank you very much! Sorry, enough of the ranting.


Recently, Mitten has begun taking more photos with it, and I absolutely love them because it shows us his point of view. I created a set on Flickr for his photos, but below are a few of my favourites. I’m definitely encouraging him to shoot more!


At our recent holiday:

A random shot. I thought it's so cute with his finger in the shot!
This time we actually pose for the camera, and it's a pretty good shot! Too bad he didn't catch any of Abacus at all...
Trying to take a photo of his little brother, again with his finger in the shot. Classic!









At home:

Nainai with Abacus
The TV. If you look closely you can see his reflection in it!
His car.
Abacus's exersaucer

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