Need a fix?

We’ve been noticing that Abacus hasn’t been loving his Maxi Cosi Cabriofix infant carrier much, although it’s no surprise given that he’s already 10kg, even though the specs say up to 13kg and/or 12 months. He’s been wanting to sit up a lot more, and more recently has been complaining whenever I put him in it!


Since we started driving a car with Isofix anchors, and had our 2 kids, we think it’s the only way to secure your kids in the car. Car seats which don’t use isofix use a seatbelt to secure the seat, and then on top of that your kid is secured by another 5-point harness. So in the event of a collision, the car seat belt has to work to be pulling the car seat, and then the car seat is working to pull your kid. Also, isofix anchors ensures that the car seat is installed properly so that in turn the seat can do its work properly in a time of need.


Isn’t it just much simpler if the car seat is anchored so it’s almost part of the car, and then there’s only the seat belt (in boosters) and 5-point harness to secure your child? It just makes sense to us.


But obviously not everyone thinks alike, because when I was trying to find a high back booster for Mittens, I had so so much trouble finding a booster with isofix. And isofix with a 5-point harness? Almost none exist here in Singapore, except maybe the Recaro Monza Seatfix which might not even really be for sale (Baby Avenue said they could check with the distributor for me).


The Maxi Cosi Priori-fix

So then, I think I’ve narrowed it down to only TWO models in the entire country for high back boosters with isofix (no 5-point harness though) – the Britax Evolva 2-3 (at Mothercare), and the Cybex Solution X-fix (at several retail outlets). The isofix anchors in these 2 seats are actually much smaller and can be kept if you’re using it in a non isofix car, so I’m stumped why car seat manufacturers in general don’t make more isofix seats! Also it’s a lot easier to use than the isofix seats with legs, like the Maxi Cosi Priorifix. Putting the seat into the anchor points requires strength which I feel I no longer have the energy for, so I usually get a man to do it 🙂


The Cybex Solution X-fix

Anyhow, after some research, we decided to go with the Cybex, and I think it was the Red Dot Design award that did it for us 😀 Not a tough choice design wise between the Cybex and the Britax (which btw is SGD$434 at Mothercare)! I then had to figure out where to get the Cybex, and thank goodness for a wonderful friend who remembered he saw it at Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit, because the online sites that I saw were selling it for SGD$474, and I got it for a whopping… SGD$318. Of course I bought it on the spot. So far, no complaints! The high back can even be removed for when Mittens is much older.


I also tried to look for some crash test videos on YouTube that compare isofix against non-isofix but there don’t seem to be any – and then some of the videos freaked me out. I mean, I hope the car seats NEVER have to be put to those kind of limits.


In the process of searching for our seat, I also learnt that front protectors are better than 5-point harnesses because, according to Baby Avenue,  “..during impact there is less stress on the head and neck, as the body is not harnessed to the seat. Most of the shock will absorbed by the front protector.” I never knew that! If I did I’d probably make the Mittens try one – it does look a little constricting though, I wonder whether it’s really comfortable enough?


So, if you do drive a car with isofix anchors, why not consider making use of them?


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