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It’s been a month since school started, and we’re now on a break for CNY. We also had a break from school on the second week of January, since we were on a holiday to Bali. He’d been crying when going to school every day, until this last week. I think the bribery with many presents has helped, or at least helped him focus his energies on receiving the gifts instead of bursting into tears.


Whatever it is, I’m proud of him and I’m glad he’s finally stopped crying. Everyone seemed to have stories of how wonderful their kids had been at school, or how the crying had stopped after like 1 day. Great, no one has a cry baby like me! (Ok I exaggerate a little, there were a small minority of criers).


Yesterday I remarked what a clever boy he was, and asked him why he was so clever. He thought a while then replied, “Because I go to school to learn ABCs.” LOL. Whatever it is, I’m glad he’s enjoying school more, because it’s so much less stress for me. Too much crying can really wear one down!


Now I’m a little weary of what’s going to happen after the CNY holidays, but I think if there is some crying, it should hopefully not last for long.


On his first day at school. Love this photo!



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