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Happy Birthday Mitten!

So, a few months’ planning has come to an end, but it won’t be the last of the birthdays this year. Coincidentally today we went to see a venue for Abacus, and looks like we might have found a perfect place. More on that to come.

We had a small party for Mitten on Sunday, at a lovely quaint place called Once Upon A Milkshake, located at Maxwell Chambers in Tanjong Pagar. We’ve been there a few times, and although I have to say I’m not all that impressed with their produce, the place is really cute, with lovely large windows and ample parking on the weekend. It’s also a lovely shade of purple (and so I ordered purple, lilac, white and silver balloons, which the hubbs loved!), and has low tables in the middle which were perfect for kids, and normal height tables at the side for adults. It can seat around 30 pax, so we invited approx 30 adults + about 15 kids, although a few of those were all in arms. The shop itself also has a lot of space outside of the shop, so we were able to set up our catering from Westlake right outside.

Just a short word about Westlake – they’re my favourite caterers because their fare is so home-style, and they are the nicest people ever. When I thought I might need to increase the catering headcount from 30 to 35, the lady Doreen said that unfortunately they’d already ordered the food, but anyway she was giving me 40 kong ba paos, and 4 yam baskets, so just buy an extra side dish then can already lah! And when I wanted them to provide drinks she advised me to buy packet drinks instead, which turned out to be good advice indeed. And the best thing is that even though they charge $1 more per pax for CNY, they don’t have any CNY menu nonsense, and there was the option to do without dessert, which was ideal considering our location.

Anyhoo, I dare say that my first real birthday party that wasn’t held at home, was a success! Our friends loved the venue, kids all love ice cream, the food was great, the kids loved the dinosaurs on the birthday cake, and they seemed to like the goodie bag too, which because we absolutely do not condone pointless sweets (like lollipops, as opposed to fruits) or random goodie bag gifts like yo-yos that don’t work, I put together crayons with ABC or 123 or colouring books, a toothbrush each, and each kid also got either a Disney Cars plastic cup or Disney Princess cup, which they could use at the party and then take home.

The party at school today also went well, with a chocolate cake baked by my mum, and topped with another set of dinosaurs. I think this is the birthday that we’ve all enjoyed the most, because he can now really understand what birthdays are – as opposed to when they’re younger and have no clue what’s going on. Here’s hoping that he’ll have many many more lovely birthdays to come!

one of a few family shots that day
a shot that's a little random, but i love how it relfects the mood of the party!
Cake cutting in school

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