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A couple friend of ours who is preggers with twin boys, is going to name them Michael and Gabriel. I love it! Always good to have angels (or in our case, saints, with Gerard and Francis) in the family.


Lucky for us, though, I’m quite convinced we had a couple of well meaning guardian angels around us today. This morning, feeling a little plucky, I decided to bring both boys out by myself to a bakery around the corner. Chef Icon Bakery has apparently been making some headlines, and since bread is one of the few things that Abacus seems to like, I thought it’d be nice if he had some nice wholesome fresh bread.


So Mittens rode his tricycle and I took Abacus on the Volo. To get there, we had to navigate through Everton Park, which must be like one of the oldest estates in Singapore. They do have pram/wheelchair access, but it’s all very random, so we had to go through narrow corridors and walk in quite a convulated route.


We had just reached the end of ONE block of flats, when there was a slight slope. Unfortunately, Mittens couldn’t quite control his brakes, and went down it pretty fast, with me shouting “Press your brakes!” all the way. The path was perpendicular to Neil Road, and the poor boy landed with a crash on the floor along the main road. If you’re familiar at all with the area, you’ll know that we are so so lucky that that stretch is hardly ever busy, otherwise I don’t even dare think what would have happened next. I put Abacus aside as quickly as possible, but obviously in my haste something wasn’t right, and then the whole pram toppled on his side, so now both were crying. I quickly put him back up, and then picked Mittens up as fast as I could, and consoled Mittens first, then carried Abacus.


This was right next to the bus stop, so a lady who was on the way to the bus stop asked if she could help, but I declined, since there really wasn’t much she could do at this point! Both escaped with very minor scratches and both didn’t cry for long. We hadn’t even left the spot when Mittens said he wanted to continue on to the bakery. I was of course hesitant, and decided we’d try another route home.


But no more than 10metres away, at a junction, I was having difficulty in trying to manage  both at the same time because the slopes were getting steeper, and the traffic on the side roads are more busy than along the main road. Thankfully a nice lady came by and offered her help and this time I was more than happy to accept. She helped to carry the tricycle up the slope and up a flight of stairs, where we made our way home from.


I think the whole incident really scared the daylights out of me. That’ll teach me for being over confident in handling both at the same time! I think the main problem was that I wasn’t all that sure of the route for prams/tricycles, so perhaps next time I’ll save my bravery for routes that I am more sure of, either that or I’ll bring my helper along.


Boy was that an adventure for the morning!!


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