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Hop into the year of the rabbit

Whoops! I realised I forgot to press Publish. FAIL!



Now that it’s chap gor mei today, I’m amazed at how fast the 2 weeks have gone by! This CNY has been without much festivity.

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re no longer staying with the ILs, so it was less “happening”, but I suspect it’s because almost all of us were suffering from the stomach flu on the first few days of CNY. Or maybe because now that I’m at home more, I’ve hardly had any yu sheng, so it feels less festive? At any rate, because we hardly get the hubbs around for more than 1 day at a time, it was great to have him for 2 whole days over the CNY holidays. Sounds sad, but it’s true. We do get 2 days in a week with him, just not consecutively since Saturday’s always a busy day at work for him.

We also missed out on a few CNY celebrations, at my grandma’s place, at my aunt’s place and at my uncle’s place, all because we were either suffering from stomach flu, or Ethan was napping (he was sick, so I rather he nap than force him to go to my aunt’s place, which was just as well because there is NO sheltered parking there, and I would have had to go alone with the 2 boys, and it POURED that afternoon. Phew!), or everything just seems to happen on the same day.

This year, even my mother was exceptionally busy, and within the first few days we couldn’t even find the time to go to her place. I wish we could have had more fan fare, because I think it would have been fun for the boys.

Ah well, I’m sure they’ll be up to lotsa monkey business next year 🙂


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