Baby A – 9 month update

Teeth: No teeth yet. He was drooling quite a bit for a while but that seems to have stopped. My cousin handed me down something like 20 bibs so I’m quite prepared for major drooling.


Motor skills: Can pull himself up to standing in the cot, in the bathtub (much to my amusement, and sometimes annoyance). Can stand leaning (forwards) on a kids table but still rather wobbly. Can stand leaning slightly back against something, like acting cool.

He also surprised me by moving backwards on the floor under his cot, and quickly learnt to lower his head so he wouldn’t hit his head, and when he asked to be pulled out from under he’d lower his head again. Cute!

He can also move his legs forward, one at a time, if both of his hands are held up. He seems to really want to walk and shows very little intention of crawling. Which is perfectly normal, it just means we’ll have to carry him for longer before he does learn to walk. Geez.

Otherwise, he’s a very active baby. Poor me!!


Weight: Whatever his weight is now, it’s back breaking. Although he might have lost a bit, because he had a bout of massive GE, gastroenteritis. He was puking, pooping (runny!) and overall not his usual happy self. After about 2 weeks he started to get better, although there was still a lot of poo-ing. He also passed the GE to the rest of us, and between him and Mittens they practically finished a bottle of Kaolin & Pectin formula which didn’t seem to help much. He still takes his milk about every 3 hours, but I guess it’s because he’s not on much solids.


Solids: Pathetic. Although he seems to like outside food (I guess who wouldn’t right?), and things like yoghurt, and baby biscuits, he’s really not keen on anything else I give him. Sometimes he’ll start pretty alright, then clam up after a few mouthfuls. It’s so trying! Urgh!

Apart from that, he’s beginning to be more sociable and fun to play with. Sometimes he’ll sit and watch, and then try to play with Mittens (who adores him), and I think that they’ll both enjoy each other’s company so much once Abacus is older. In a way I can’t wait, because I love how toddlers just get more independent as they go! But on the other hand, the baby stage is always cute too yah? 🙂

He looks like succch a big boy here!!

3 thoughts on “Baby A – 9 month update

  1. U know…A sounds like Ruth in terms of eating. You’ve had a wonderful time with E – he sounds like such a good eater(!) – so A may feel a little challenging.

    I feel that key is not to expect too much. I read that kids up to 5 years old can self-regulate their food intake. Also, while we may think it’s boring to eat porridge/cereal/etc everyday, they may not feel so. They may like it.

    So just see what he likes and go by it. Ruth is far from adventurous – but at least she eats (more or less healthily) and that’s what’s most important to me.

    Don’t let it bother u too much….and don’t expect E’s behaviour from A. Most kids aren’t that adventurous with food. 🙂


    1. Well.. I’m more worried because he really hardly takes in any solids and he really needs to for the nutrients! Sigh.

      But I guess that’s what a lot of parents say, you win some (good eaters like E) and you lose some (A). Haha!!


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