learning & actitivies

School update

Here he was on one of the rainy windy days after school

I’ve been really irritated at my internet access recently – first the router wasn’t working properly, and then now the access is intermittent. On top of that even my 3G isn’t working all the time, and sometimes at home (since I also check a lot of stuff on my phone so I don’t have to be tied down to a terminal). Every day in my thought bubbles, I’m thinking, “F-you, ISP!”

Last night because the internet access disappeared yet again, I used the WP app to type a whole post (luckily it wasn’t too long), but soon discovered that it was completely missing. That was a “F-you, WP!” moment.

Anyhow, Mittens is a changed boy in school. Just today, at the entrance of the school he said, “Mummy, I don’t want to go to school”, but proceeded to take his bag and water bottle from me and went into school without any further prompting. Love it!!


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