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May the force be with you

Recently, the young padawan Mittens has been really into Star Wars. He’s had a Star Wars shirt for some time now, which I’d bought from Gap because the hubby’s a fan, but he never really knew what it was until recently, when hubby bought a few Lego Star Wars items for Christmas. Our nephew who’s in P2 is quite a Lego fanatic and the hubby started him off on Star Wars too!


On the days that Mittens takes his afternoon naps at 330pm and sometimes doesn’t wake until 6pm, he’s obviously quite up until 11 or sometimes midnight. So at night, while I’m desperately trying to get Abacus to bed, he’ll be watching the movies with Daddy, which is fab for me because it means I actually get to have some me time!!! We have lots of DK reader books on Star Wars, as well as a Lego Star Wars Dictionary, all of which are very informative, and I have to admit that since I was never much of a Star Wars fan (Luke‘s so not cute and Anakin, sheesh, how can he possibly be a powerful Jedi with tantrums like that?) I’m learning things every day!


Even the little one is intrigued with the light saber.

One day at McD’s, he was eating a McChicken, and he took out the pattie, and said, “Hey Mummy, it looks like a Millenium Falcon!” He’s also been trying to put his palm out at people and objects, after watching the VW TVC of the little boy who goes around trying to use his force on objects. Funny stuff.




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