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Ever wonder where kids get their energy from? I’m positive it cannot be explained by any formula, but my theory is, they get it from us. That’s right, they sap it from us and drain us of whatever energy we had. How else can you explain why they’re always so energetic and us parents so tired?


I’ve also come to realise that my mood is quite dependent on their naps. Because there’s now 2 monsters to deal with, naps become even more difficult to coordinate. All seemed to be going well before CNY, with Abacus sleeping before Mittens’ school ended, and continuing until both wake 2-3 hours later. But the business of the CNY did that away for good.


But naps aren’t the only thing – they seem to have endless amount of energy, and even after a short cat nap, they’re sometimes so full of life. They also can hardly sit still, even Abacus cannot keep still. I’ve asked if this is a boy thing, but apparently there are girls who are the same. Sometimes I get tired just watching them!


Having said that though, I’m quite certain I prefer it this way that they’re sociable rather than kids who aren’t active or are painfully shy. I guess I just have to remember that the next time I feel exhausted. Which, these days, is practically all the time 🙂


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