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Cooking up a storm!

Although I can safely say that I can cook more than just instant noodles, I know I am definitely not the best cook around, and to be honest I think with all that cooking and food shows he watches, the hubbs definitely is much more knowledgeable than me in this aspect. But at least I have some basics, and he said he’s been impressed with our dinners of late.

Usually I’ll devise the menu and instruct my helper (more like give step by step instructions), whom I’m lucky to have because she has some basics like cleaning up a fish or chicken, which I would seriously have no idea about! And she’s pretty keen to learn our way of cooking. It’s also so nice to have a helper around because this means I don’t have to do any preparation of the food, or clearing up after (woo-hoo!), but we still get our healthy home cooked meals.

I’m also thankful that there are just so so many blogs out there on cooking these days, especially if you want good old home cooked food the style you’ve always had. There are only so many days we can have food ang moh style right?

BUT, I think I should also be more careful next time. Recently I decided to do a cod with miso, so I googled (and usually I’ll google for local sites), and this one on came up. What a mistake! It was the first time I was making miso cod, so I just followed the instructions, I should really have surfed around for a few more recipes, because this one called for 250g of miso. That’s like HALF a tub of miso! Not surprisingly the cod turned out far too salty, almost as if it was preserved. FAIL!

Last week I had my MIL, SIL and BIL over who were impressed enough to comment that the helper can cook well. It’s my ideas, can or not?? Haha, but whatever it is, I think we make a good duo, and I’m glad to have some home cooked food. Tonight we had steamed sea bass, xiao bai chye, omelette (only because Mittens needed a third dish), and Prima’s beef rendang. Beef redang looked good but was far too hard, but overall still edible. Think next time it’d be much better!

Next up, getting the Thermomix up and running and cooking something on that, and also utilising my Philips pressure rice cooker a little more. I’ve been cooking soups in that, but it can apparently do stews, pastas, cakes (!), and steaming, but we do also have a dedicated steam oven which we use for things like steamed fish. I’d also like to do something with puff pastry, risotto, and some creamy soups (yum!)

What are your favourite cooking blogs or what family recipes do you love to cook?

Here are some of my recent favourite blog sites for ideas or recipes:

Only the last one’s photos are passable, the first 3 look very professional (always helps!)

2 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm!

  1. my good friend’s website –

    she loves cooking and has been doing so from UK to Canada and now back in Singapore. 🙂

    You’ll see many other cooking links from her website too. I think she’s taken a break now with a little boy but there’s still quite a lot of stuff there.


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