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Eating out with kids

A great article by TimeOut Singapore on a few interesting places to bring your kids.

Basilico looks interesting because we’ve been meaning to try it, and it’d be great if the kids had some entertainment there too, so we wouldn’t always feel so harassed at mealtimes like we do. I think I’ve become so used to wolfing down my meals I hardly enjoy eating out any more! Even if the kids aren’t around, I think I’m so sleep deprived I can’t really enjoy myself!

Anyway, I’d also like to add that Mezzanine and The Fullerton also have special play rooms for kids – I think The Fullerton even has a guy doing balloons but I’m not sure, but I assume that for all these spots you actually need to provide your own supervisor, unless they’re old enough to supervise themselves.


One thought on “Eating out with kids

  1. swissotel do a sunday brunch every last sunday of the month, which includes a playroom also.
    gattopardo has brunch that they apparently have people who help mind the kids in the kids corner too.


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