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Two Sickies

The 2 boys have been sick since something like last Wednesday. It kinda spoiled the school holidays because I would have wanted to bring them out more, but oh well, I guess s*** happens. No actually I should say, germs and contamination happens! Actually it was probably my fault for letting Mittens stay over at my nephew’s place, together with the MIL, because the nephew was already having on and off low grade fever. Over the next few days after that, the nephew had persistent fever and went to KK A&E twice. Yikes!


Luckily my MIL came to help us out on Friday, and spent the night with us. Saturday we accompanied her back to her place, and have been staying with her since. Thankfully we have her to help out, and now that we’re not staying with the ILs all the time, they seem more eager to help out with the bubs, and can entertain the bigger one, which is quite a relief to me. On Friday when MIL came over, she had gone to the room to change clothes, and Mittens asked where she’d gone. I told him she’d gone home and he asked me WHY?? and started to tear. He wiped them away when she popped out of the room and said, 奶奶在着里!He wiped his tears away immediately. He can be such a sweet boy sometimes.


Anyhow, the boys got progressively worse, and by Sunday morning we decided to take them to the Children’s Emergency at NUH. It’s closer to our home, and 5 mins from my ILs place, and I suspect less crowded than KK, and anyway they have all of Abacus’s records, so I’m definitely not going to go anywhere else for them to be seen. The attending doc put them both on the ventolin puff to see how they would respond, and luckily they both did and didn’t have to be admitted. I’m not really that keen to have to spend the next few days at the hospital, although it is pretty comfy at NUH (they have Hansgrohe showers, and free J&J Top to Toe baby wash, can?), and the last time Abacus slept quite a bit so it was almost a staycation. Almost, but not quite. We were more worried about Abacus because his cough sounds a lot worse, and it’s tougher to reason with a 10month old, who thinks the inhaler chamber thing is a torture device, perhaps to suffocate him or something. Sigh! Luckily he only has Mucolix Elixir twice a day as medication because it’s already so difficult to give to him. He used to be pretty ok with taking medication but after the chamber, is rather traumatised!


Both boys seem prone to bronchiolitis, which is rather common these days. They’re both on Sabutamol for the time being, and Mittens seems to be rather well already. In fact by Sunday night he was already bouncing off the walls as usual. Abacus on the other hand, is taking a while longer. His cough is worse, and to add to that he has not one but TWO teeth trying to make their way out, one upper and one lower, so he’s drooling all the time, his nose is runny, and the eczema on his face has flared up due to all the stuff on his face all the time. Poor boy!


This weekend, I’ve realised that the optimal number of adults to 2 children (when 1 is an infant) is 3 is to 2. That’s what’s most comfortable if each person is to have a bit of a breather, and 1 person does the housework. I think if it’s 2 toddlers the ratio goes down to 2 is to 2, and as they grow older the ratio can even be lessened to 1 is to 2. At the moment on some days, my helper doesn’t even get to do all the chores because I don’t allow her to do anything noisy while the boys are sleeping, or we’re out (because I need her help), or even sometimes when they boys are up she can’t do some chores like mopping and vacuuming because someone will also offer his services to help out.

I’ve also learnt a really tough lesson about germ contamination now, although I really should have already known it. My bad, boys! Get well soon!!

Mittens in the fever facility. The kids mask is so cute! At NUH if there is any presence of fever, they'll chuck you in an isolated room and the doctor attends to you there. Apparently they don't have this in KK?



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