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A – 10 Months and 10kg

Monkeying around

Actually I suspect he’s been 10kg for maybe 2 months already, but we just never had him weighed for confirmation.

Boy has it been a busy month for this little boy. First he finally started to crawl after he passed the 9 month mark, then by the time he got close to the 10th month, he could crawl up the stairs by himself. Then he started to stand more and more on his own, started to cruise, and then, his first tooth cut out. Then like a week later, I spotted his SECOND tooth, when the first was only peeking out ever so slightly. And not long after that, a THIRD. Sheesh. Both the crawling and teeth are pretty late, although nothing abnormally worrying, but I hadn’t bet on it all happening at the same time. I guess when it rains, it pours.

Every day now he seems to be learning new things – he can shake rattles, is at times speaking a lot, and started to shake his head as if to say “no”. He can also “play” with his elder brother better, and is quite a determined one, meaning he will hold on to a toy if he wants it. I can forsee lots of tears during playtime in the future, but that’s all part of the joys of life, isn’t it? I think in another 2 to 3 weeks he’ll be able to use the walker to assist himself and walk around the house. As it is, he’s already standing for longer and longer periods by himself, and Mittens walked just after his 11th month birthday, but he did start crawling up the stairs by around 8 months.

It’s nice that he’s crawling around now because he can explore and entertain himself for a while without anyway “calling” for me. It’s not so much of a problem when you have one, but when you have TWO kids who both want your attention, it can get pretty hectic and annoying at times!

I have to admit that as he starts to sleep slightly longer at night (although not every night!), and my helper is getting more up to speed and needs less intense supervision all the time, it’s starting to get more fun to be with the both of them at home. I can’t wait for Abacus to be slightly older so that they can do similar things, like reading books, because at Abacus’s age, he is only interested in chewing them and obviously can’t sit for long. I would love to do more activities with them at home, but I haven’t had any time to research.

We’ve started sending out the invitations for his first year birthday, which I think is going to be fun fun fun! I’ve done up the invites already, now just need to think about the goodie bags and organise some toys to keep the kids entertained so the adults can have a bit of fun themselves too. All this birthday prep is also a reminder for us of how lucky we are. Just this week I found out a friend’s 4 year old has to undergo surgery to remove a tumour in her brain, and another close gf is going to lose her baby because of a birth defect. Not fun stuff at all.

And yet, this lucky (and plucky??) little boy who had his surgery before he was 3 days old, without which he would have tragically not been able to survive past his third day of life, is now a whopping 10kg and getting more and more fun to be with every day. What a year we’ve had 🙂


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