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And so, April begins.

I know everyone is tired of hearing it, but time really does fly. One minute you have a newborn baby, the next he is trying to walk already. Where did the time go? Do we often remark and reminisce about time flying by so quickly because we feel that we haven’t done as much as we would have liked? At any rate, when you’re (mostly) a stay home mum, days morph into weeks into months, and most days are more or less the same.


Apart from sneakily surfing and checking my email while watching the boys, (since most of the time I’m using my laptop from the dining table, and they either play in the living room or in the open concept study), I feel like I’m constantly trying to think of what to cook. Even during dinner I’m thinking of what else to cook. The hubby is by far the better more technical cook, and he is probably my worst critic too, but as the woman of the household, it’s my job to get all the mouths fed.


And I’m not sure why but these days I can hardly nap or even nap well during the day, even though I’m so tired. Just when it seemed like Abacus was starting to sleep through the night, he suddenly has a growth spurt and can drink up to 3 times from midnight to six. Gosh, you’re not a newborn anymore, y’know?!


E enjoying his special pizza for lunch.

And to start off our April, we hosted a small pizza and waffle party at our place yesterday. The hubbs is fantastic at making pizzas, and I used Mark Bittman’s Overnight Waffle Recipe. And I left the batter to sit in the boys’ room overnight, since our room temperature is so different from temperate regions, so I was most proud of myself. Except the next day I forgot to add in eggs. All FOUR of them. FAIL. Today I made pizza for lunch with the leftovers, and even sent one to the hubbs for lunch, then for dinner we’re making Nigella’s Slow Roasted Chicken, because I have a chicken to use up. This Sunday we’re having people over for lunch again for Alton Brown’s Steak au Poivre, which was surprisingly good the last time I did it, which was also my first time.


So that’s what my April’s going to look like. Cooking and feeding. Which I don’t mind anyway because May looks like it’s going to be a busy one, with a holiday, and then Abacus’s grand party. Loving it!!


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