Birthday season continues!

Steak au Poivre

The first half of the year just seems to be so crammed with birthday activities. Yesterday we had an early surprise party for the hubby, and I fed everyone with lunch, including Alton Brown‘s Steak au Poivre, which according to Marc who is French, means Steak with Pepper. What a romantic name. (Not).

I think the kids had a whale of a time, and it was just the first party they had to go to for the afternoon! It’s 10am in the morning and Mittens is still asleep!


We’re also in the midst of gearing up to Abacus’s birthday celebration, and with the venue tied down I need to figure out a cake, balloons, a bouncing thing and some ride ons to entertain kids, and goodie bags. I can’t decide whether or not to give out any goodie bags because I feel that it’s one of those things that I don’t like to do half heartedly, stuffing it with things just to fill it up.


I must admit that I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with his party though, because it’s larger scale and not your typical kids’ party, we’ve created invitation cards, and I’m looking at printing thank you cards for some of his doctors and nurses, and maybe stickers for the goodie bags. I actually surfed wedding sites for inspiration for his invitation card, some of the themed weddings are just so lovely! Alright, back to event planning now!


Kids just love birthday cakes, don't they!




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