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Recently there was an article in ST that highlighted ongoing research conducted by NUHS and NParks to see if they can find a conclusive link between spending time outdoors and reducing the chance of myopia. As Asians, we’re genetically predisposed to myopia (just think of how many friends you know who DON’T have shortsighted-ness!) , just like Caucasians are predisposed to nut allergies (I can’t decide which is worse between the 2, really).

It’s probably a no-brainer that kids need time outdoors, but when a friend reminded us that kids need at least 1 hour of being outdoors a day, I thought, easy peasy! Then I realised, it’s not so simple. First of all, our weather isn’t all that suited to outdoor activity. If it’s not raining, then the weather is perfect to go outdoors. For oh, maybe 30minutes in a day between daybreak and when the sun gets a little too hot, and between afternoon sun and nightfall. Both of which are logistically challenging because both are around kids’ sleeping and/or dinner times. Although there are shady areas, sometimes the heat sometimes is just pretty unbearable for everyone.

One on the pram and the other on his bicycle (he usually has a helmet though).

Post update: after I wrote that last para, when it was a little too sunny out for my liking, I decided that the boys needed some fresh air over hiding in the house, so we traipsed out, Mittens on his bicycle and Abacus on the pram. It was no small feat, because I had to push the pram while holding on to the bicycle on both down and up slopes, because I’m so scared another accident (see our previous accident!) might happen.

The hard work paid off though, Mittens seems to be able to control his brakes better, and he could also pedal harder to go up slopes. I’m not only happy for him, but I’m also glad that he can use up some of his boundless energy this way!

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