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Singapore Biennale 2011 – Old Kallang Airport

Mittens was attracted by this exhibit of ticking metronomes. It was probably the most interesting there.

Before I had any kids, and perhaps more so because I’d just started getting more interested in photography, I went to quite a few of the Singapore Biennale sites, so when I heard that there’s a Family Day Out event, I dragged the kids along. It’s a super hot day today (although it’s pretty windy and cool at home), and we were there at the Old Kallang Airport from about 1030am to 1230pm, which was more than enough than the kids can handle.

I have to say that it’s a great effort by the organisers to get more families to art events, but I think the only “family” part of the whole event was the activities – kite making and flying, free sculpted balloons, badge-making, etc. What would really take it to the next level for kids and families, would be a kids section where they could play and interact with exhibits. Most of the time, we’re not allowed to touch art pieces, so what joy would kids find in art?

Our souvenir from the day. Amazed we managed to get both boys to look at the camera!

Another reason why I think this is a good idea, is because a lot of art pieces are so not what I want my kids to see. If you’ve been

to the Old Kallang Airport site, you’d have seen the old German Barn. Sounds cool right, Imean, we read books about animals and farms to kids, and here’s a  barn! But oh, it’s big but dark, and there are 4 young men without shirts and just shorts in them. I steered the kids away IMMEDIATELY. I don’t think I would be able to handle any questions on what they were doing there. In fact, I don’t think I could handle any questions on any of the pieces there, I mean, I definitely wouldn’t call myself an art aficionado, but I do like to peruse them once in a while, but many pieces are really far too artsy for me to appreciate, what more a 3-year old.

At any rate, I think I’ll try the other sites and see what else they have to offer. And if nothing is suitable for the young ones, I’ve already drafted a letter in my head to the organising committee. Hopefully we can see more kid-friendly pieces in the future.


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