Not sure how long the hubbs will be able to carry both boys at the same time for.

After all the attention seeking and tantrums that we’ve seen that typically stems from having another child in the family, the hard work seems to be paying off. I had heard that elder children sometimes take up to a year to get used to a younger sibling, and boy are they right, since Abacus has just turned 11 months, and Mittens seems to be showing drastic improvement, although I have to admit that Mummy could probably improve herself in showing more patience!

Today I overheard Mittens declaring that Abacus is his best friend. He’s never said that about anyone before, although I have asked who his best friend is (is it your cousin? Your classmates?). Recently Abacus has been responding to Mittens a lot more – when he’s fussing in the car, Mittens will do a peek-a-boo, peering from behind his car seat side headrests, which will result in giggles from Abacus every time. Or there are just some actions that

Before we knew that it would be a boy the second time round, truthfully, I had hoped for a girl. Looking back though, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the typical Singaporean thing to want one boy, one girl? A kind of balance between the sexes at home? Or just greed that makes Singaporeans want a little bit of everything? Even now, even strangers will say perhaps your third one will be a girl, and I will ask them in jest, “What if it’s a boy??”. But truthfully, it doesn’t matter to me. Boys, or girls, they are all gifts from God. And we are already starting to have so much fun together, I’m sure it’s only going to get better 🙂

playing together. or at least trying to!

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