Baby A – 11 months and counting.

A with his walker.

Since I’m not a first time mummy, I know I should already expect it, but I’m in awe of how these few months just seem to have been an explosion of personality and physical development. The major development was that just a day before he turned 11 months, he took his first steps. I’ve guessed that it would be sometime soon, since he’s progressed really fast, from me trying to show him how to use the walker two weeks ago, to him suddenly using it on his own, and even navigating around the house (making cute frustrated noises whenever there were obstacles in his way).

The only area where I feel he hasn’t developed fast enough is sleep – his nap patterns are still a little erratic, usually two in a day, but most times he’s quite a light sleeper, and the naps can range from 30mins to 1 hour. And unfortunately for me, he never took tothe pacifier, and has progressed from crying his heart out at bedtime while struggling when I’m carrying him, to biting and pinching me with his new front teeth while I’m rocking him. I sometimes feel like I’m spending half my life just putting the boys to sleep, and I’m so thankful that at least with Mittens I just have to be in the room with him and he falls asleep on his own. But Ifeel bad that I sometimes have to spend so much time putting Abacus to bed while Mittens is thrown to the tv, and after he is in bed, some days I just feel too tired out to play with Mittens!

On a really really sad note, this month, after a short period of rejoicing for a close friend of mine, she found out that the baby she is pregnant with is not growing normally. At all. The fetus has anencephaly, which means that no skull (and sometimes brain) is developing. Sounds freaky and completely out of this world right, but I kid you not. And while miscarriages are becoming more common these days, I think this is on a completely different level, and can’t imagine how devastating it must be for her.

Just recently we also found out that Abacus’s surgeon is slowly going private, so we were really in the right place at the right time, so to speak. And, one of our close friends who is in her mid 30s, shared that she had a younger brother, about a year younger than her, who was also born with a congenital heart condition, but died before he turned 1 because at that time treatment was only available in the States and her parents couldn’t afford it. It’s heartbreaking to think that it probably wasn’t as serious as Abacus’s, since he survived quite a few months.

It just reminds us of how lucky we are with everything and our two boys. Abacus’s party planning is almost all done, and I think we’ve really outdone ourselves with a whole suite of matching stationery since everything was so darn cheap from A little ostentatious, but we love it!! We’re also having a bouncy castles and a number of other rented toys tokeep the kids (like 40+ of them?!) occupied, and there could be so much more that I’d have wanted to do, like have cute cupcakes, but obviously we don’t print money, and I need to know when/where to stop :p Whoops, better get back to finalising the cake and balloons, and goodie bags for the kids…

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