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colouring with daddy on some homeschool activities

As Abacus seems to be growing and understanding so much more day by day, all of us seem to be settling down into our routines. Although this is not my first hiatus from work to be at home with a newborn, this time it’s different because Mittens is absorbing things at such an amazing (and sometimes alarming!) rate, so it can be really tiring having to entertain both during the day.

Although previously I lamented that Mittens neither goes to full or even half day child care, and his nursery is a measely 2 hours, this week I began to do more research on lapbooking, which led me to homeschooling resources. Actually what happened was about two weeks back, I had quizzed him on a few of the alphabets and was a little surprised that he said he didn’t know or couldn’t remember. His teacher (who has 20 years of experience and 3 boys each 1 year apart) said that it’s “normal” that they forget easily and that reinforcement at home is very important. So while I was researching a bit on lapbooking online, it led me to homeschooling resources, and I decided that I might as well make use of the immense information online to keep him occupied at home and to teach him as much as I can as well.

So far so good. Although I need to find a balance of activities that he likes to do, Mittens loves to read books, isn’t too hot on colouring. The tough part is having 2 boys of such differing ages and having to entertain both. For example, I got Mittens to do a little bit of colouring, which isn’t his favourite activity, and then later we progressed on to reading one of the books we’d borrowed from the library. Except Abacus decided he wanted to do a bit more colouring himself. More specifically, by eating the crayon. All I can say is, thank God it was Crayola and not some dodgy China brand.

Anyway, back to the topic of homeschooling – I’m definitely not going to teach them full time, but I’m loving the balance between a regular school and having some time with them on my own. After all, that would be the perfect balance between the benefits of homeschooling and of going to school, right?

I think I need to get Mittens used to the concept of having lessons. Today he told the hubbs that it was lesson time, and that we were learning about ants (I’m going to go through the alphabet and focus on a particular topic for each letter, so A is for Ants!). I thought it was hilarious! I can’t wait for Abacus to be older and join in the “fun” too!

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