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Salmon season

I bought quite a bit of frozen fish from Fassler – they distribute frozen fish like cod and salmon and will deliver straight to your doorstep if you order more than $150, which is not difficult to do given the price of cod is ridiculously high (but tastes oh so lovely!).

Amongst all the things we bought, I bought a 500g packet of salmon shreds, which they say is good for porridge or fried rice. It’s 500g for $5. Super worth it!! That’s $10 per kg, and some cuts of chicken is already $8.80 per kg at NTUC. So I decided to do a salmon and potato bake with broccoli. I didn’t follow a recipe and kept changing my mind about the recipe along the way but thank God it came out pretty yummy! Basically:

  • Use butter, fry an onion, and then fry salmon bits (because it’s “fresh” and not smoked) half way, because I didn’t want the salmon to be too cooked and too dry. I only used about half the packet (250g) of it.
  • Add in some cream, and dill, or other herbs, salt and pepper. I haven’t got dill in my herb garden so I threw in thyme instead, since my thyme is growing like nobody’s business.
  • Meantime boil broccoli, and potatoes (separately).
  • Mash ’em potatoes with a knob of butter, some milk, salt and pepper.
  • Layer broccoli at the bottom of a casserole dish, with salmon on top, and then the potatoes on top
  • Top it off with some cheese – I put a mix of edam and geyure
  • Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, then set the oven to grill for another 5-10 minutes for that lovely brown effect.

It was a little watery (not sure why?) for my liking but otherwise well received! Mittens ate quite a bit, but Abacus shunned it, but then again he’s becoming quite the picky eater. Feeds 2 adults who are large eaters (and I’m talking about my maid, not the hubby because he wasn’t around for dinner!) and a voracious toddler, and we still had a little bit left for Mittens’ lunch today.


So what to do with the rest of the salmon? For lunch the next day I made salmon with scrambled eggs on toast, really simple, and using butter to fry the eggs/salmon again, which I think gives it a really lovely and distinct flavour. No wonder the French love to cook with butter. That used up maybe another 100g of the salmon.

Pasta. (Kinda obvious innit?)

That was quite enough salmon for the day, so I saved the rest (maybe 150-200g of it?) for today – Salmon pasta. Mittens told me that he loved my cooking (aw, what a sweetie), and Abacus ate up all but 1 mouthful! It was a breakthrough for him, but I’m willing to bet that if I make the exact same thing a few days from now, he might not even get past 2 mouthfuls because his tastes are so erratic.

Basically the pasta was:

  • Start boiling them pastas (in this case it was spaghetti, my all time fav.)
  • Fry onions in olive oil and a knob of butter, add in garlic a short while later.
  • Fry salmon (I’m not a fan of smoked salmon, and I much prefer the fresh kind).
  • Add in freshly chopped basil from our garden selection.
  • Add in cream, and other optional things like yoghurt, a dollop of pizza sauce (I didn’t have tomato paste, and wanted it a little red), dried basil.
  • Add in salt and pepper (of course).
  • Drain pasta and add pasta into sauce and stir well (preferably with tongs, which reminds me, I would love a pair of silicone tongs because I absolutely can NOT take metal scraping on metal. UGH.).
  • Serves 2 adults and 1 hungry toddler.

Viola! 🙂

And that, my friends, is how you use up a packet of 500g of salmon shreds that cost only $5.

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